Publication of annual report of The University of Manchester for the year ended 31 July 2020

The following annual report has been published by The University of Manchester and is available for viewing:

A copy of the annual report for the period ended 31 July 2020 will also be submitted to, and will be available for inspection at, the National Storage Mechanism

On 26 January 2021, the University published the announcement entitled "Suspension of listing  University of Manchester" (RNS Number 9554M).

By way of an update to this previous announcement, the University was successfully able to resolve the circumstances outside its control as referred to in this previous announcement (being third-party resourcing issues) and has now been able to publish its annual report for the period ended 31 July 2020.

Therefore, the University will not be requesting a suspension of the listing of the University's £300,000,000 4.25% Bonds due 2053 on the Official List of the FCA.