Season two

Manchester's cancer researchers talk about their innovations, discoveries and projects that are changing the landscape of lung cancer detection and treatment.

Lung cancer: from basic biology to transformative therapies

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. Here in Manchester, we have one of the worst mortality rates in England, at double the national average.

This season we explore lung cancer types, from diagnosis through to treatment, and bring to light that ‘you only need lungs to get lung cancer.’

Episode five

Never-smoking lung cancer with Professor Matt Evison and patient, Sally Hayton: Overcoming barriers to early detection in symptomatic lung cancer patients

In this episode we speak to Matt Evison, Professor of Thoracic Oncology and never-smoker, ALK+ lung cancer patient, Sally Hayton about:

  • Never-smoker lung cancer symptoms, demographics and occurrence.
  • Sally’s experience of receiving her lung cancer diagnosis and the barriers she faced in accessing treatment.
  • Overcoming barriers to early detection in symptomatic lung cancer patients.
  • The Manchester self-referral chest X-RAY service and how it is helping in the diagnosis of symptomatic lung cancer patients.

Episode four

Clinical trials with Professor Corinne Faivre-Finn: How RAPID RT could improve survival rates for lung cancer patients


In this episode, we speak to Corinne Faivre-Finn, Professor of Thoracic Radiation Oncology about lung cancer clinical trials, focusing on: 

  • Radiotherapy – what it is and how it’s used to treat lung cancers.
  • Clinical trials – what are they, who are they for and how are they set up.
  • The RAPID-RT clinical trial that launched at The Christie in early 2023, and how it could improve survival rates for lung cancer patients.
  • The involvement of AI and rapid learning in this trial, and the benefits this has for data collection.
  • Integrating patient voices into the trial.

Episode three

Lung cancer in never smokers with Dr Fabio Gomes: The ALK positive mutation in Non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC)


We speak to Dr Fabio Gomes, a Consultant Medical Oncologist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust about lung cancer in never smokers. The episode will focus on its commonality, why you only need lungs to get lung cancer, the ALK positive mutations in non-small cell cancer, Gomes' research project and how the ALK Education programme looks to educate healthcare professionals through data and case studies.

Episode two

Cancer biomarkers with Professor Caroline Dive: How liquid biopsies could pave the way for lung cancer detection and treatment


We speak to Caroline Dive, Professor of Cancer Pharmacology, Director of the CRUK Cancer Biomarker Centre and Interim Director of the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute about biomarkers in lung cancer. The episode focuses on developing liquid biopsies, circulating free DNA and circulating tumour DNA, along with establishing a Cancer Biomarker Centre in Manchester and integrating novel biomarkers into the clinic. 

Episode one

The basic biology of lung cancer with Dr Colin Lindsay: exploring oncogenic drivers such as the KRAS mutation


We speak to Dr Colin Lindsay about the basic biology of lung cancer, with a focus on: the high incidence in Manchester; the differences between non-small cell and small-cell; oncogenic drivers such as the KRAS mutation; and his work on the drug sotorasib which targets KRAS mutant cancer and has been approved for use in the UK.