Our community

At Manchester, we are engaged with a number of outreach activities in connection with our research involving animals.

brain sculpture
A giant wooden structure represents connections in the brain as part of our Brain Bus tour


We stage regular tours of our facilities for A-level students who are interested in taking science degrees and want to gain an insight into the process of medical research.

We arrange visits for veterinary students who are taking degrees at other institutions and want to get a feel for the wider research agenda.

Manchester is one of the few institutions in the country that still carries out dissection work on animals. We invite second- and third-year biology students from other higher education institutions to use our facilities as a means of training for their basic zoology and anatomy courses. The students get a better understanding of how this work relates to specific projects they might be involved with, while also learning about the appropriate use of animals and the '3Rs' agenda.

General public

Our academics are involved in Manchester’s 'Brain bus' tour, which highlights the medical research going on within the University, such as our work with stroke victims.

Victims of associated conditions

We have had visits from stroke victims, who have been keen to hear more about the research that goes into the disease.