Accommodation guarantee

New, full-time undergraduate and international postgraduate students are guaranteed an offer of a room in University halls of residence.

Our promise to you

We offer a room in University halls of residence to all new undergraduate, international postgraduate and visiting or exchange students who:

  • are coming to university alone;
  • are studying for their first degree (home students only);
  • meet the conditions of their offer;
  • apply for accommodation by 31 August of the year of entry or 31 July for visiting and exchange students;
  • firmly accept an unconditional place at the University by 31 August of the year of entry;
  • are applying for accommodation for a full academic year (September to June);
  • reapply for accommodation each year by the deadline (for international students only).

What if I don't meet the guarantee criteria?

You can still apply for University accommodation, even if your application falls outside of the guarantee criteria.

If you can’t meet the 31 August deadline, let the Accommodation Office know and they can advise you of what is still available. We may need to offer you temporary accommodation until a more suitable, permanent room comes up.

Accommodation for couples and parents

We’ll try to accommodate students with partners, but rooms are limited and cannot be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, we don't have suitable accommodation for children. However, the University’s only approved housing service, Manchester Student Homes, can help couples find flats and houses to rent in the private sector.

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