Sports clubs and teams

At The University of Manchester you’ll find sports clubs and teams covering a wide variety of sports, and catering to all levels of ability.

There are so many reasons to join one of the many sports clubs at Manchester or get involved in some of the exciting sporting events and activities along the way.

Meeting new people

Joining a sports club is a great way to meet new people outside your usual social circles and you’re guaranteed to have something in common with your other team members. As well as meeting regularly for training sessions, many of the sports clubs hold their own social events, so your team mates will soon become some of your best friends.

Getting a job

You might not realise it but being an active member of a sports club might just help you to get a job when you graduate. Employers actively recruit students that have been involved in sports at university. They recognise that students develop a number of personal skills through playing sport that enhance their academic qualification, such as team work, commitment, problem solving and time management. You might also choose to join a club committee or volunteer through sport to gain even more skills and experience to add to your CV.

Staying fit and healthy

It goes without saying that most sports will improve your fitness and regular physical activity has been proven to reduce the risk of more than 20 different illnesses. However, it is also a great way of releasing stress and improving your mental well-being. Your club could prove an excellent support network and give you that much needed downtime after a long day of studying.    

Here’s how you can take part.

Athletic Union

More than 40 sports clubs cater for all levels, from beginners to elite athletes.  Most compete on Wednesday afternoons in the British Universities and Colleges Sport leagues, where we are consistently ranked in the top ten.

Campus sport

Play recreational sport with friends in a series of leagues, where the emphasis is on having fun and being part of campus life.

Hall sport

A free timetable of fun sports and activities for students living in our halls of residence.