Student support

Around 40,000 students study at The University of Manchester, and our support services make sure that every individual gets all the support they need.

A supportive environment

We want you to do well in your studies and enjoy your student life. Your academic adviser will be able to assist you with the transition from school or college to university, and help you get to grips with studying and learning more independently. Support staff in every School will also be there to help with welfare issues.

You can use our student support resources to help with issues affecting your studies and your student life, including signposting and contact details for more specialist services, if required. If you're not sure where to go, it’s a good place to start.

The Student Services Centre will be your contact point for administrative questions throughout your student journey, from fees, immigration and student cards through to exams and graduation. You can call in to speak to them in person or contact them by telephone or email.

Student communities

Peer support offers you the opportunity to gain advice and help from students who have been in the same position as you. Our peer mentor schemes are led by students, for students. Peer mentors are higher-year students on the same degree programme as you. Since they’ve already been a student at Manchester for at least a year, they should be able to help you with anything you might be worried or unsure about.

We understand that some students may be studying alongside other responsibilities. Our Students’ Union offers support, advice and networking for student parents and student carers, as well as for students living at home

Staying healthy

You’ll need to register with a local doctor for your health care – and you’ll be able to do so on campus during Welcome. For dental care you’ll need to register with a local dentist, although our University Dental Hospital offers emergency treatment. 

Staying safe

Safety and security are issues in all big cities, but our excellent relationship with Greater Manchester Police helps keep you informed so you can enjoy everything that Manchester has to offer without taking any unnecessary risks.

We offer practical advice on the simple precautions you can take to maximise your personal security and safeguard your possessions. We have our own security service which provides security across all campus areas helping to make our University an area of low crime.

The University takes a zero-tolerance approach to incidents of bullying, harassment and discrimination. Students, staff and visitors can report something anonymously or get support from an advisor should they see or experience it.