Grading scale

The University of Manchester recognises that the transfer of credits and conversion of marks for students who have participated in the Study Abroad / exchange programmes of the University is the responsibility of the visiting student's home institution. The following information is a guide to assist in understanding the University's numerical grading.

The University of Manchester uses a standards-based approach by assessing the performance of students against a pre-determined set of learning outcomes and standards. A norm-referenced grading system is not generally employed.

A 0-100% numeric grading system is used. The normal pass mark is 40%. As a guideline to interpreting marks over 40%, reference may be made to the classes in which undergraduate degrees (Bachelor with Honours) are awarded. The overall mark ranges are:

Class* of degreePercentage mark
Class 1 Not less than 70%
Class 2i Less than 70%, but not less than 60%
Class 2ii Less than 60%, but not less than 50%
Class 3 Less than 50%, but not less than 40%

* The class is determined by a weighted average of the overall marks for different years of the degree programme.