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Find out what you can study as part of your programme.

Whether you're looking to study with us for a semester or year, you'll need to select course units that add up to a full course load.

What are course units?

Our degree programmes are made up of modular course units – you’ll normally take three to six per semester.

  • 50–60 credits per semester
  • 100–120 credits for the academic year

You'll need to discuss course unit choices with your academic adviser at your home university to ensure that they’re suitable for credit transfer.

If you're coming to Manchester as part of a subject-specific exchange, you're can only take course units in the subject area that's part of the agreement given on our list of partners.

Subject areas may have restrictions on certain course units and will require extra conditions to be met for them to be taken. This may include a certain GPA average or the submission of supplementary work.

For all level 3 course units, intended for the third year of specialised study, you'll need to have a demonstrable amount of equivalent experience.

Use our course unit search below to find out more about the units on offer and any restrictions in place.

Understanding course unit codes

Every course unit has a unique code that indicates its level of study and when it's available during the academic year.

The first number indicates the level (the year of study it would typically be studied):

  • 1 – first year
  • 2 – second year
  • 3 – third year (primarily for students who have specialised for two years)
  • 4 – fourth year (not available to study abroad and exchange students)

The last number indicates the semester (when in the year it takes place):

  • 1 – Semester 1 (autumn/fall)
  • 2 – Semester 2 (spring)
  • 0 – full year

Example course unit code:

EN 20502 – is a second-year course unit taught in the spring semester.

Alternative autumn assessment

If you need to return to your home institution by early January, you must only take course units that offer an alternative autumn assessment (PDF, 54.4KB).

This alternative assessment allows study abroad and exchange students to be assessed in a different way to the standard in-person exams in Manchester in January. The most common alternatives are to undertake the necessary assignments before the winter break, or to complete/submit assessments remotely in January. This option is only available if you're studying with us for the fall semester only and there's a clash of semester dates with your home institution.

As part of your application, you'll need to submit a completed autumn assessment approval form (PDF, 201KB).


Course unit information is available for the current academic year, which runs from September to June. If you're applying to study for the next academic year, course units will be updated in May, before the start of the next academic year in September.

Unfortunately, due to the requirement to complete placements, courses in the following disciplines are not on offer to study abroad and exchange students:

  • Architecture
  • Dentistry
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Medicine
  • Midwifery
  • Pharmacy

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