MSc Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Logic / Careers

Year of entry: 2024

Career opportunities

Our MSc programme provides our students with strong qualitative skills in a wide variety of areas of pure mathematics. We tailor the course to the interests of our individual students in order to prepare them for a broad scope of career prospects. The programme provides several opportunities for students to study advanced topics in mathematics as a foundation for doctoral studies (PhD) or more applied courses.

Below are some of the jobs that our graduates do:

  • Teacher
  • Research Associate
  • Software Engineer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • CEO

Besides providing the necessary skills for those wishing to pursue a research and/or academic career (e.g., University Lecturer), common careers that our graduates have pursued are in the financial industry, in the computer industry, and teaching at college level. In current times, there is no shortage of intellectually challenging careers for a Pure Mathematics graduate.

Take a look at where some of our graduates work below:

  • Oracle
  • Alliance Manchester Business School
  • Scottish Life
  • AT&T Labs
  • NHS