MSc Data Science (Applied Urban Analytics) / Application and selection

Year of entry: 2023

How to apply

Advice to applicants

In your application, you should demonstrate aptitude, knowledge and/or interest in three areas:

  • data analytics and/or statistics;
  • computational subjects;
  • pathway specific requirements.

These can be demonstrated by course units taken at undergraduate level and high school level, or professional experience.

Staged Admissions

As there is a high demand for our courses, we operate a staged admissions process with selection deadlines throughout the year. Due to the competition for places and high quality of applications that we receive, we give preference to students from high ranking institutions and with grades above our minimum entry requirements.

Please ensure you submit all supporting documentation with your application before the application deadline to avoid a delay in processing.

Applications for 2023 entry:

Stage 1:   Application received by 9th December 2022 ; Application update by 23rd February 2023

Stage 2:   Application received by 10th February 2023 ; Application update by 6th April 2023

Stage 3:   Application received by 31st March 2023 ; Application update by 25th May 2023

Stage 4:   Application received by 29th April 2023 ; Application update by 29th June 2023

Stage 5: Application received by 1st July 2023 ; Application update by 27th July 2023

Whilst we aim to give you a decision on your application by the deadline date, in some instances due to the competition for places and the volume of applications received, it may be necessary to roll your application forward to the next deadline date.

Applications received after our final selection deadline will be considered at our discretion if places are still available.

Please note:  All places are subject to availability and if you apply at one of the later stages, some courses may already be reaching capacity or be closed to further applications. We, therefore, recommend that you apply early in the cycle to avoid disappointment.