Moyin Kwok, MA Arts Management

Moyin came to Manchester from Hong Kong to study for a master’s in Art Management. She went on to complete an internship in our Directorate for the Student Experience - a placement she won through the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme - before securing a permanent role at the University.

Master's graduate Moyin Kwok

“A big focus of my master’s was on networking and getting to know organisations in the local cultural scene. I’m particularly lucky because I got a placement at the the Whitworth working directly under the Head of Development, who gave me many chances to meet people from different organisations. Local practitioners from the Arts Council were also on the course, which was a sign of confidence in the course in terms of employability and practicality.

"The volunteering and placement opportunities are so wide here. I was in a good position - as my tutors and mentors were based in the arts and cultural sector, they were very happy to open doors for us.

“I chose Manchester because it’s a vibrant, affordable city. I had offers from institutions in London, but some of my friends from Hong Kong who had done similar programmes there  felt it’s too busy a city and it took some time to get used to life there. I love Manchester’s Chinatown – I can get Cantonese food there that’s sometimes better than I would get in Hong Kong!

“Manchester should be really proud of its cultural diversity and inclusivity. The local friends I’ve made are so warm and welcoming – they even made me a cake for my birthday – as are the staff and students I’ve studied and worked with. I think this is really special and something that you don’t get elsewhere."

“The Careers Service really helped me with writing applications and refining my job search. I consulted them when I began applying for placements through the Manchester Graduate Internship Programme, and I think this helped me get a high number of interviews. I have since joined the Faculty of Life Sciences to work on international marketing. I feel like I’m realising my dreams.”