MSc Accounting and Finance / Application and selection

Year of entry: 2024

How to apply

Apply online

NOTE: There is a non-refundable application fee of £60. You should be prompted to pay this within the application portal before you can submit your application. We cannot consider applications until you have paid the application fee. 

Applying to multiple programmes  

Advice to applicants

Your statement of purpose should answer the specific questions outlined below.

  1. Please tell us your current overall average, the average for your accounting and/or finance major / specialization, and if possible your position in class.
  2. Please list any other accounting and finance courses or qualifications you have taken in addition to your undergraduate degree.
  3. Please tell us why you are interested in the MSc Accounting and Finance course at Alliance MBS and how the course will impact on your future.
  4. It is very competitive to gain a place on this course.  Please tell us what makes you stand out as an exceptional applicant compared to others.

How your application is considered

Applications cannot be processed without the following:

  • valid English language qualification
  • first and second year transcript (scanned copies are accepted at the time of application)
  • list of final year modules (where possible this should be included within the same document as your first and second year transcript)
  • statement of purpose (this is included as part of your application form, you do not need to email your statement of purpose directly to the Admissions Team)


To defer your offer to the following year, you must contact your admission officer to get a copy of the deferral form. You can only defer your offer for one year.


If you applied in the previous year and your application was not successful you may apply again. Your application will be considered against the standard course entry criteria for that year of entry. In your new application you should demonstrate how your application has improved. We may draw upon all information from your previous applications or any previous registrations at the University as a student when assessing your suitability for your chosen course.