Chunhu Shi, PhD Nursing

After studying his undergraduate and master's degree in China, Chunhu Shi studied his PhD supported by the President’s Doctoral Scholar Award and won Manchester Doctoral College Excellence Award 2019/20 for 'Best Outstanding Output in the Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health'.

University of Manchester PhD student  Chunhu Shi

“For my PhD I had four journal publications: two in the top-ranked nursing journals, International Journal of Nursing Studies and the British Journal of Dermatology. Additionally one paper published in PLoS One, which was in the top 10% most cited PLoS One papers published in 2018.”

“As a registered nurse, I understand the existing evidence uncertainties in terms of pressure ulcer prevention and the demands of nurses and policy-makers for current evidence in order to inform their pressure ulcer prevention practice. Evidence synthesis methods are useful to summarise all relevant literature into one piece of work."

"It is exciting for me to learn and apply these methods to produce the evidence nurses need and to tackle evidence uncertainties nurses face in their practice.”

Chunhu Shi / PhD Nursing

“Dr Chunhu Shi published four papers from his PhD research before he graduated; a truly outstanding achievement for anyone and particularly special for a nursing student", says Professor Dame Nicky Cullum, School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health.

"Moreover, Chunhu is publishing in the best journals; his work is regarded as sufficiently excellent to be published in leading journals such as the British Journal of Dermatology (ranked 4th for Dermatology, Impact Factor 7) and the International Journal of Nursing Studies (ranked 1st for Nursing, Impact Factor 3.78). Using cutting edge methods, Chunhu has created new knowledge that will help identify people most at risk of developing pressure ulcers (or bed sores) and how to prevent them.” 

In addition to studying his PhD, Chunhu was involved in supporting the training and work of his colleagues. He also delivered seminars for visiting summer-school students at the Division of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work.

“I am now working on a NIHR Research for Patient Benefit project that is associated with my PhD and I am a co-applicant of this grant. I am planning to apply for the NIHR Advanced Fellowship in July that is being developed based on my PhD work. I am looking forward to being awarded this funding and working on it.”