PhD History / Careers

Year of entry: 2024

Career opportunities

Most of our PhD students aim to go into an academic career, and we have an excellent record of helping them obtain teaching and/or research posts in UK and overseas universities.

In recent years, our doctoral graduates have gone on to positions at many universities in the UK and overseas, including Aberystwyth, Huddersfield, Keele, Lancaster, Liverpool, Manchester, New York University, Nottingham, Ohio State University, Oxford, Oxford Brookes, Sheffield Hallam, Simon Fraser University (British Colombia), the University of Virginia, Lazarki University Poland Ryokoko University, Japan, and University College London.

Previous student careers include: Lecturer in History, University College, London; Lecturer, University of Birmingham; Lecturer, University of Liverpool; Assistant Professor in Women's Studies, Trinity College, Dublin; Library of Congress Fellow, USA; Postdoc. Northwestern University, USA; Postdoc. University of Konstanz; Postdoc. University of Exeter; Editorial Assistant, Oxford University Press; Researcher for the think tank Reform; Education Policy and Research Officer, General Medical Council; Independent Documentary Film Maker; Academic Research and Engagement Co-ordinator, National Trust.

At the same time, if you make the most of the opportunities available to you during your programme, you can develop a portfolio of skills that make you highly desirable to other employers, from the civil service to think-tanks, from museums and archives to large business organisations.

The University has its own dedicated Careers Service that you would have full access to as a student and for two years after you graduate. At Manchester you will have access to a number of opportunities to help support you with your goals for the future.