Computer Science

By choosing to study at Manchester you will be joining one of the most innovative and successful departments of computer science in the world. Manchester saw the birth of computer science, with the creation of the world's first stored-programme computer. We continue to work on pioneering research including cutting-edge image processing software, new technologies to exploit the power of the web, medical imaging software and low-power chip design.

The Department has four research divisions, collectively incorporating ten individual research groups ranging from BioHealth Informatics to Machine Learning and Optimisation, and would welcome applications from potential research students in all areas. These world-class research activities inform the content of all our postgraduate programmes, enabling students to work with leading-edge technologies and staff of international renown.

The value of a Manchester computer science postgraduate degree is further reinforced through our links with other disciplines, with advances in medicine, biology, chemistry, business and management and the social sciences becoming increasingly dependent on the skills of computer scientists.

Although a research degree is traditionally the route to an academic post, and is often an essential qualification for a research career, it is now frequently sought by industry. Research graduates are a step ahead in the race for jobs: the communication and analytical skills integral to a research degree make them highly employable individuals.


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