The size of the University, coupled with the interdisciplinary nature of its research, has enabled Manchester to position itself as a centre of excellence in the provision of Informatics research and teaching.

When defined in its broadest sense; the study of information and information systems, Informatics research can be seen to be taking place across a wide variety of subject areas and, in many places, in partnership with commercial, industrial and public sector organisations.

The creation of Digital Futures, a highly interdisciplinary network that operates across the whole range of the University’s digital research, is evidence of the strategic importance attached to this exciting and rapidly expanding field.

Areas of notable strength include:

Alliance Manchester Business School

Alliance MBS has considerable experience in informatics research from a business and management perspective, and from the perspective of the impact of information technology on individuals, organisations and society.

Informatics-related research opportunities within Alliance MBS are available under the following research centres:

Opportunities for Informatics-related-research are also available in other areas of Alliance Manchester Business School:

School of Computer Science

Computer Science research is increasingly taking place at the intersection with other disciplines, driven by the challenges presented by new areas of application in medicine, business, humanities and the physical sciences.

Consequently, research opportunities exist across a whole host of interdisciplinary topics, from bio-health informatics to text mining.

Research and study opportunities in Computer Science

Centre for Development Informatics

The University's Centre for Development Informatics is the world's largest academic group studying the role of informatics in socio-economic development (ICT4D).

It welcomes postgraduate research (both PhD and DBA) applications; especially in its focus areas of:

  • Business, Informatics and Development
  • e-Governance for Development
  • IT Sector Development
  • ICTs and Sustainability
  • ICT Policy
  • Mobiles and Development
  • Theorising Development Informatics

Postgraduate research study with the Centre for Development Informatics


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