The Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health provides a stimulating environment for biomedical research in collaboration with our partner NHS trusts across the north-west.  Our aspiration is to lead translational bench to bedside research to enhance the clinical application of laboratory research and improve patients' lives.

Research opportunities span the breadth of medical health research. These range from biomedical sciences to clinical and health service research incorporating a wide range of social and economic issues.

While some research groups specialise at organ or tissue level, others translate laboratory-based studies to patient care, or consider the effects of interventions on populations rather than on individuals.

Our postgraduate researchers are fully immersed in our research activity, networking with academic colleagues and external collaborators. Our research attracts significant investment from industry, allowing for training opportunities that cross both academic and industrial settings.

Scope is provided for participation at prestigious conferences, while we openly encourage the publication of research findings in internationally renowned journals.

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