PhD and MPhil programmes in optometry and ophthalmology are offered by the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. As one of the largest and most successful research and teaching organisations of its kind in Europe, the Faculty is proud that a scientific culture exists in which there are no traditional barriers between research disciplines.

Shared expertise and the development of new technologies enable important bioscience problems to be approached using novel and innovative methods.

Researchers work on basic science and clinical projects to improve our understanding of structure and function of the human visual system and to translate new knowledge into useful clinical tests.

Three or four-year PhD programmes and one-year MPhil programmes are tailored to suit students with different levels of research experience, and students are carefully matched with a supervisor of their choice.

The Faculty provides extensive training opportunities for all graduate students during their studies, no matter the subject area. Our graduate training programme provides a variety of research and transferable skills to benefit the various career paths that our graduates embark on.

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