Teaching staff: 16
Research postgraduates: 17

Lecturing staff in Philosophy at Manchester undertake research in a wide range of areas of analytic philosophy. We place special emphasis on the philosophy of language, aesthetics, metaphysics and the history of analytic philosophy, but also have strengths in the philosophy of action, the philosophy of religion, environmental philosophy and the philosophy of mind.

Together with colleagues in Politics, we also offer significant research expertise in political philosophy, and an MA in Philosophy and Political Theory.

The atmosphere at Manchester is intellectually stimulating and supportive, and you will be fully integrated into our research-oriented activities. In addition to regular meetings with an expert supervisory team, you will have regular opportunities for discussion with staff during weekly research seminars and other events such as Open Minds, our annual postgraduate conference.

As well as weekly research seminars, we host various international conferences – recent examples include: The Mind's Construction (2016), The Contents of Experience (2015), Emotion and Expression (2015), Free Will and Self-Control, and Sharing (2015). We are also home to a number of major research projects, including: The Age of Metaphysical Revolution (2016-19), The Structure of Consciousness (2012-16), and Knowledge of Emotion: Expression and Social Cognition (2012-16).


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