General entry requirements

At Manchester we are dedicated to providing quality higher education to students of outstanding achievement and potential from all educational backgrounds.

Our entry requirements for undergraduate courses reflect this, stipulating strong exam results while also considering supplementary information to identify students with excellent academic potential.

Entry qualifications

Strong examination results are the main factor in admitting students to our courses. We accept a wide range of qualifications:

We operate a devolved admissions system, and as such all admissions decisions are made within academic Schools. Admissions staff for individual courses reserve the right to judge the relevance and acceptability of any qualification or subject. Where any UK qualifications or subjects are less favoured, we make this clear within the published selection criteria against individual courses.

Applicants should therefore check the specific entry requirements for the course they are interested in. Every course has a dedicated web page containing entry requirements, as well as other useful information.

The qualifications we accept are periodically subject to review, although we are committed to maintaining consistent entry requirements during an admissions cycle.

How we assess your application

We consider other information, to ensure we admit students with the most outstanding potential. This is assessed within a structured framework and includes:

  • prior and predicted grades;
  • evidence of knowledge and commitment in your personal statement;
  • teacher references.

Some courses may also take into account performance at interview, aptitude tests and portfolios. Where this applies, it is stated within the course profile.

We will consider exceptional circumstances or personal barriers to learning that applicants may have faced. We also use contextual data, which allows us to build up a full and rounded view of each applicant.

Find out more about how we assess applications and our use of contextual data.