Information for applicants taking A-levels and AS-levels

Applicants taking A-levels are normally expected to offer three full A-levels. The majority of courses at the University require grades in the region of AAA-ABB at A-level. There are a few courses that require lower grades and some courses that require higher grades. Applicants are advised to check the specific entry requirements for their chosen course.

If you are taking more than three A-levels, please be aware that any additional A-levels will not be included within their offer. We only make offers consisting of three A-level grades.

Practical Science

We believe that practical skills in the sciences are integral to a candidate’s understanding and appreciation of these subjects. Therefore we require all applicants offering one or more of these subjects at A-level to pass the practical skills assessment in addition to achieving the required grade(s) in the written examination(s). This helps keep the process fair as we will be asking students from England to demonstrate the same level and breadth of knowledge as those from Northern Ireland and Wales (for whom the practical skills assessment will remain an integral element of their overall grade). 

Where applicants are applying for science and engineering degrees, the requirement to pass the practical skills assessment will be made explicit in the offer you will receive. If you have been unable to take the practical assessment, contact the academic School for your chosen course before submitting an application, as they will be able to clarify whether your specific portfolio of qualifications is acceptable for entry on to your chosen course.

AS-level results

AS-level results are not considered as part of the standard admissions process at The University of Manchester. The exception to this is Medicine and Dentistry courses, where the School requires evidence of a broad programme of study. Applicants will need to present with three A-levels plus 'some other study/activity.' This could be a fourth AS-level, General Studies, Extended Project Qualification, National Citizenship Award or you may have completed a specific widening access programme. If you have questions on the acceptability of your qualification portfolio please contact the academic School directly.

International A-levels

The University accepts International A-levels as equivalent to GCE A-levels and accepts them on a grade for grade basis.

In terms of different examining we accept International A-levels from the main examining boards (Cambridge International Exams (CIE), Pearson/Edexcel and Oxford International AQA Exams), and will not make a distinction between them in terms of offers made or grades required.


If you have re-sat individual AS-level units/modules to improve your grades, we will consider your application according to the standard selection process. If you are planning to re-sit the final Year 13 examinations, or have already done so, the University will consider your application, but we may require further information. Each case is considered individually.

Duration of study

Applications will be considered against the standard selection process of your chosen course if you have either:

a) sat your examinations early;


b) followed an accelerated curriculum and spent three years studying A-levels where the examinations were taken over two years.

If a student is studying an advanced curriculum where the examinations are spread over three years, consideration for an offer will be at the discretion of the academic School for that subject. Each applicant in these circumstances is considered on a case-by-case basis and we may request further information to support our overall review of the application.

A-levels in a native or heritage language

We consider applications holistically taking into consideration the overall educational environment. Where a native language A-level has been studied we will consider them on an equal basis with other subjects.

Applied Mathematics A-levels

Applied Mathematics A-levels (eg AQA Use of Mathematics) are acceptable for entry to the majority of our courses. They are not accepted for entry to some courses, for instance where Mathematics A-level is a specific requirement. Please therefore refer to the specific entry requirements for your chosen course.

Unit grades

The University of Manchester welcomes the provision of unit information where available. Like all other information provided by applicants this may be taken into consideration when assessing your application.  Unit grades will not normally form part of an applicant’s offer conditions.

General Studies

General Studies A-level is welcomed but not normally included as part of the standard offer unless otherwise stated in the course details.

A-levels combined with other Level 3 qualifications

The University of Manchester welcomes applications from students offering a combination of A-level and other Level 3 qualifications. Please note, however, that entry requirements are set at course level and some of our courses have specific subject requirements. We advise students to contact the academic School, who will clarify whether their specific portfolio of qualifications is acceptable for entry on to your chosen course.