MEarthSci Earth and Planetary Sciences with Industrial Experience / Careers

Year of entry: 2021

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Career opportunities

EES graduate shares her career experience.

I value my time at The University of Manchester.

Studying at a world-leading academic institution which also has strong ties to industry is a great way to start your career.

Rosanne Mckernan / MEarthSci graduate, Exploration Geoscientist at Shell

We work closely together with graduate employers to ensure that the training our undergraduates receive during their Earth and Planetary Sciences degree equips them for getting a great graduate job and excelling in it.

Our close links with employers highlight the key skills they desire in our graduates. Key amongst these is an enthusiasm for learning. In the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences we are passionate about our work on climate science, ecosystem conservation, micro-plastic pollution, dinosaur evolution, volcanoes, Earth's formation and the distribution of resources within it. This passion is shared with our students, producing an enthusiasm and capacity for learning which serves them throughout their careers and lives.

Typical professions our graduates go on to include:

  • Scientific research;
  • Public policy;
  • Environmental consultancy and earth resources;
  • Teaching;
  • Finance and blue-chip management.

Nurturing dynamic skill sets

Further key skills sought by graduate employers are flexible problem-solving using a variety of approaches, teamwork, communication skills, numeracy and computer programming. Our graduates are trained in these skills from day one of their degrees.


With our support, Manchester undergraduates successfully apply each year for highly competitive summer internships across the globe. Prestigious destinations include summer internships with the Lunar and Planetary Institute, USA, working one-on-one with NASA scientists, participating in peer-reviewed research.

Accrediting organisations

The process of accrediting appropriate pathways within the Earth and Planetary Science Programme with reputable bodies (e.g., The Geological Society of London) is underway.