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BA German and Chinese / Careers

Year of entry: 2022

Career opportunities

A degree in Modern Languages and Cultures paves the way for a broad range of careers.  

You'll develop intercultural awareness and enhanced communication skills - both highly valued by employers.  

You'll also acquire transferable expertise at the very heart of language learning, including enhanced powers of perception and interpretation and advanced decision-making and multitasking skills. 

You'll develop independence and self-confidence during your residence abroad, and your intercultural communication skills will make you a strong contender for media, journalism and PR roles. 

Many of our graduates go straight into business services, marketing, advertising, management, banking or communications.  

Others pursue postgraduate study or further vocational training to become accountants, lawyers, teachers (both in the UK and overseas) or to enter the Civil Service. 

The University of Manchester is the most targeted university in the UK for top graduate employers (High Fliers Research, 2019). 

Employers who have taken on graduates of our Chinese courses in the past include Nova (Kyoto), Berlitz, The University of Manchester, The Confucius Institute, Hamburg Sud, Skin SN, Dell, DISCO, Christian Dior Couture, JET, and London LEA. 

Employers of our German graduates include PwC, Sandhills East, Lidl, Vodafone, Inghams Travel, Amazon, Egger (Germany), and Mark Warner.