BA Middle Eastern Studies / Careers

Year of entry: 2022

Career opportunities

Humza Malik - BA Middle Eastern Studies

"The course has developed my ability to analyse historical texts and has also allowed me to take into deeper consideration the idea of vested interests behind documents.

"As the degree advances your understanding of the workings of the Middle East, this may be beneficial to work with governments or even provide a platform for another profession where your skills can be used in areas such as law or teaching."

Humza Malik / Year 4 student

A degree in Modern Languages and Cultures paves the way for an exceptionally broad range of careers. You will develop intercultural awareness and communication skills - both highly valued by employers. 

Many of our graduates go straight into business services, marketing, advertising, management, banking or communications. 

Others opt for postgraduate study or further vocational training to become accountants, lawyers, teachers (in the UK or abroad) or enter the Civil Service. 

The University of Manchester is the most targeted university in the UK for top graduate employers (High Fliers Research, 2019).

Employers who have taken on our Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies graduates in the past include the BBC, Reuters, Cambridge University Press, The Red Cross and Amnesty International. 

Find out more on the  Careers and employability  page.  

The University has its own dedicated  Careers Service  that you would have full access to as a student and for two years after you graduate. 

At Manchester you will have access to a number of  opportunities to help boost your employability .