BA American Studies / Careers

Year of entry: 2022

Career opportunities

Mariana Des Forges

"The opportunity to study abroad was really invaluable. For my job, I sometimes have to throw myself into situations that are unfamiliar to get the best out of a story, often in countries and places I've never been.

"This can be quite daunting, so without the experience of living and studying abroad in America, I think I would have found the nature of this job much more intimidating!"

Mariana Des Forges / Radio Producer/Documentary Maker & 2015 graduate
Tarik Ross-Cameron

''My degree prepared me for every role I have had.''

''I have been happiest in roles that allow a good degree of autonomy and initiative, and require me to use the writing, communication and research skills that I strengthened while completing my American Studies degree.''

Tarik Ross-Cameron / Freelance Spoken-Word Artist

A degree in American Studies from the University of Manchester provides you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to embark on a successful, and rewarding career in the global workplace of the twenty-first century.

Over the past decade and far beyond our graduates have entered any number of fields, including the professions of teaching, law, accountancy, journalism, publishing, and even surveying. Many now occupy commanding roles in the 'creative industries', both in the UK and elsewhere.

On the Careers and employability page you can read more about how we are preparing students for the workplaces of tomorrow, and the role that a degree in American Studies has played in recent years in shaping the professional lives of many of our graduates.