BA Art History and English Literature / Careers

Year of entry: 2022

Career opportunities

BA Art History and English Literature will prepare you for careers in the art world and a wide range of job opportunities ranging from curating and cultural management to publishing, journalism, the media, and teaching. 

Our surveys of recent graduates have revealed that our students also pursue an impressive variety of careers in such fields as law, banking, fashion, advertising, accountancy, business management, commerce, the new media, computing and archive studies. Recent graduate career destinations include: 

  • Education Officer, De Morgan Collection;
  • Royal Collections Exhibitions Curator;
  • Archivist, Tate Liverpool;
  • Art Officer, English Heritage. 

We live in an image-saturated world where being shrewd about how images and texts communicate and having the skills to interpret and write about them can be a route to a satisfying job. 

Furthermore, studying art history as well as English literature helps to develop versatile skills including: 

  • managing your time effectively;
  • communicating ideas clearly in spoken and written forms;
  • articulating a knowledge of concepts and theories;
  • working and thinking independently, critically and creatively;
  • independence and initiative; 
  • teamwork;
  • empathy and social insight;
  • intercultural awareness. 

The creative economy accounts for 1 in 11 jobs across the UIK and employs 700,000 more people than the financial services industry (Creative Industries Federation).

The University of Manchester is the most targeted university in the UK for top graduate employers (High Fliers Research, 2019). 

Find out more on the Careers and employability page. 

The University has its own dedicated Careers Service that you would have full access to as a student and for two years after you graduate. 

At Manchester you will have access to a number of opportunities to help boost your employability .