BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering with an Integrated Foundation Year

Year of entry: 2022

Course unit details:
Foundation Year Project

Course unit fact file
Unit code FOUN10022
Credit rating 10
Unit level Level 1
Teaching period(s) Full year
Offered by Faculty of Science and Engineering
Available as a free choice unit? No


A unit which will provide students with the opportunity to research and undertake an extended piece of project work in a topic relevant to their chosen area of study. In most cases the student will be part of a team working on a group project.


The aim is to provide students with the opportunity to research and undertake an extended piece of project work in a topic relevant to their chosen area of study.

Teaching and learning methods

  • Introductory (1 hour) lecture in week 5 of semester 1
  • Introductory (1 hour) lecture at the start of semester 2
  • Generic assistance will be available from the course instructor (Simon Raw) during two, hour-long, workshops in weeks 1 - 12 (24 hours).
  • It is expected that students will also meet regularly with their project supervisors in their respective Departments.

Knowledge and understanding

  • Demonstrate an appropriate depth of knowledge (at level 0) in the chosen subject area.
  • Explain the underlying scientific/engineering principles involved in the topics covered.

Intellectual skills

  • Plan and research an extended piece of academic work.
  • Choose appropriate resources for carrying out research.
  • Assess quality and reliability of information/data.
  • Analyse and arrange data in a logical manner.
  • Present and explain aims, methods, discussion, conclusions etc in a logical manner. 

Practical skills

  • Academic report writing and publishing, oral and visual presentation, lab skills (where applicable) 

Transferable skills and personal qualities

  • Project management, team working, time management, communication skills (written, verbal, visual), risk assessment.

Employability skills

Analytical skills
Students have to search for and critically analyse texts from a wide variety of sources.
Group/team working
Students work in groups throughout the Project. Wherever possible students are placed in groups which are international in order to help prepare them for the global workplace.
In group project work, students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills
Project management
Students have to manage their own time when undertaking their Project, and have to use relevant technology to assist them to do so.
Oral communication
Students make a group presentation at the end of their project.
Problem solving
In Project work students have to negotiate and resolve issues that can arise.
Students have to do their own independent research in the Project Unit.
Written communication
Students have to write in a formal academic style using the relevant conventions to produce their final Project Report.

Assessment methods

Method Weight
Other 10%
Portfolio 10%
Project output (not diss/n) 60%
Oral assessment/presentation 20%

Feedback methods

  • Formative feedback available throughout the duration of the unit; from language tutors (semester 1), and from instructor and supervisors (semesters 1 and 2).
  • Summative feedback at end of semester 1 and end of semester 2

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Lectures 2
Practical classes & workshops 36
Project supervision 3
Independent study hours
Independent study 59

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Simon Raw Unit coordinator

Additional notes

Assessment Methods 

Project plan:
10% of unit grade: Deadline week 10 semester 1
The project plan is a shared assignment with Academic Skills.
It will be carried out, as part of that unit, in the second half of Semester 1.
It will be assessed for writing style, presentation and referencing as part of the Academic Skills unit. It will also be assessed, in terms of technical content and feasibility, by the project supervisor as part of the Project unit.

Project journal:
10% of unit grade:
A group journal will be kept, detailing the progress and management of the project. This will be used to award a mark for effective project management. It will also be used, where necessary, to assist in awarding differentiated marks to reflect individual contribution. Weekly entries required throughout semester 2.

Project report:
60% of unit grade: Deadline week 10 semester 2
Each student is expected to contribute approximately  2000 words to the final project report (e.g. a group of three students would be expected to produce a document of 6,000 words).

Project presentation:
20% of unit grade: Presentations will take place during weeks 11 and 12 in semester 2
Each student (or group of students) is expected to present a summary of their project, for a maximum of 5 minutes per person, using a presentation package such as PowerPoint.

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