BSc Biochemistry with Industrial/Professional Experience / Careers

Year of entry: 2023

Career opportunities

The significant and relevant work experience gained during the year of industrial/professional experience makes graduates of this course especially attractive to employers.

Our graduates go into a wide range of sectors. Around a third choose to work in scientific research and development, which may require significant postgraduate study, usually a PhD. They then secure jobs as researchers working in universities and pharmaceutical and bioscience companies and institutes.

Around two-thirds of graduates choose other career options such as teaching or communicating science, as well as careers unrelated to the biological sciences including management, finance, marketing and the civil service.

Find out more about  how we help our students prepare for the workplace  and the careers our graduates go into within and outside the lab.

Accrediting organisations

This course has  Advanced Accreditation  from the Royal Society of Biology.

Advanced Accreditation recognises academic excellence in the biosciences, highlighting degrees that contain a significant research element and educate the future leaders of research and development.

The criteria require evidence that graduates meet defined sets of learning outcomes, including gaining substantial research experience.

In recognition of this, a graduate of an advanced accredited course can apply for membership of the Royal Society of Biology at  Member (MRSB)  level after just two years of practice, rather than the usual three.

These graduates can attain the qualifications of Chartered Biologist or Chartered Scientist one year sooner than graduates from other courses.