BSc Chemistry / Careers

Year of entry: 2023

Career opportunities

James' quote

The course offered transferable skills that would be beneficial throughout my career.

Studying Chemistry has prepared me for more than just lab sessions, it has given me the ability to learn for myself.

James Stevens / BSc Chemistry Alumnus, Energy Consultant, Envantage Ltd

Graduate with a degree from The University of Manchester's Chemistry Department and you'll be in demand among top graduate employers.* 

Our Chemistry graduates are skilled in scientific methodology and are numerate, versatile and creative, making them attractive to employers from a range of sectors.

Around half of our graduates get their first job directly using their chemical knowledge; 25% go on to study a further degree; and the remaining 25% opt for diverse careers in a variety of industries. Roles that graduates opt for include: 

  • Analytical Chemistry;
  • Biotechnology
  • Science Communication;
  • Finance;
  • Management;
  • Computing;
  • IT.

Whatever field you choose, a chemistry degree can open the doors through a variety of opportunities , preparing you for working in a lab, or providing you with the analytical skills vital for success as a graduate in both a scientific and non-scientific environment.

Careers Service

Throughout the academic year, we run an extensive programme of employability events to further enhance your employment prospects, most of which are open to all students from all years. These events are run in collaboration with the University's award winning Careers Service , involving various alumni, employers and the Royal Society of Chemistry, and include numerous drop-in sessions. Additionally, the Careers Service commits to supporting you for two years after your graduation, helping you to have the best start possible after university. 

* (Graduate Market in 2021 - High Flier's Research )

Accrediting organisations

BSc Chemistry is accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Graduates are eligible for Affiliate Membership of the Royal Society of Chemistry at a reduced rate. On graduation you can proceed to Associate or Full membership and Chartered Chemist Status (depending on degree class).