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Year of entry: 2023

Course unit details:
Psychology Career Management Unit

Course unit fact file
Unit code PSYC21000
Credit rating 10
Unit level Level 2
Teaching period(s) Full year
Offered by Division of Psychology and Mental Health
Available as a free choice unit? No


Support the development of practical, intellectual and interpersonal skills that will boost students’ employability and lead to positive career destinations. Encourage students to reflect both on their personal and professional development in order to increase awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, particularly in the field of digital capability. Require students to develop an effective and professional CV and Cover Letter that clearly describe relevant experiences and provide evidence to demonstrate attributes and skills relevant to a specific role. To create at least a basic LinkedIn profile and link to it via the CV. Provide students with optional assignments to support their own career goals and development needs and encourage personal reflection on progress towards employability goals.

Require students to manage their time across the academic year to meet a target for collecting SEPS credits. Allow students to demonstrate professional courtesy and conduct in arranging and participating in research projects.


This unit aims to:

  • Develop students’ appreciation of their own career related confidence and digital capabilities in readiness for their future post-graduation. 
  • Provide students with the necessary skills to complete graduate level applications by exploring CV preparation, writing cover letters, practising interview and other recruitment techniques and reflecting on personal experiences related to employability.
  • Personalise the development of student employability by providing a choice of two options that can be matched to individual goals  
  • Provide support for students to create a web based, reflective blog to build or enhance confidence in using digital media for communication.
  • Facilitate the academic and career counsellor staff-student interaction by supporting students with feedback on assignments and advice on employability related activities.
  • Encourage active engagement with careers consultants and the careers service resources.



Teaching and learning methods

This unit will be taught via lectures and workshops. 


Knowledge and understanding

Appreciate the requirements of an effective graduate CV, Cover Letter, and job Interview; Understand the extent to which personal attributes and behaviours enhance employability; Identify careers that are open to Psychology students; Appreciate the requirements for specific career paths in Psychology or related areas; gain experience in recruitment activities and appreciate strengths and areas for personal development


Intellectual skills

Reflect on learning experiences and incorporate them into personal objectives and development both short and long term; Recognise and articulate the key transferable skills that employers (relevant to me) are looking for; be able to confidently communicate achievements supporting them with well-developed examples; apply professional writing skills to developing an engaging and informative CV and Cover Letter.

Prepare effectively for a job interview or assessment centre

Practical skills

Digital Capability

Use software tools to create online blog; Use software designed to produce attractive and engaging presentations; demonstrate information, image and media literacies; demonstrate awareness of safeguarding your digital identity; make effective use of digital communication and collaboration software.


Professional/workplace skills

Take direction and supervision and work within defined guidelines;

Be able to confidently communicate skills and experiences in a job interview or assessment exercise; apply outcome of reflection to revising action plans


Transferable skills and personal qualities

Demonstrate ways of thinking and acting like a professional; demonstrate professional communication skills (oral and written); collaboratively work with others to make progress on a task; inform and influence decision-making; demonstrate time management and the ability to prioritise effectively; deliver a concise and engaging presentation or application to an interested audience; demonstrate courteous and professional conduct in working with peers and other professionals; develop skills in reflective practice.


Assessment methods

Completion of Career Self Efficacy and Self-rated Digital Capability Scale - Pass/Fail

CV - 30%

Reflective Blog - 30%

Option 1, Assessment Centre - 40% 

Option 2 - Development Workshop - 40%

SEPS Credits - Pass/Fail

Feedback methods

Students will receive written feedback and a grade (where relevant)

Recommended reading

All necessary resources will be provided on Bb.

Study hours

Independent study hours
Independent study 78

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Doron Cohen Unit coordinator

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