MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics / Careers

Year of entry: 2023

Career opportunities

Ellen Leahy

I attended some career fairs, I really recommend these.

You can speak to people who have been through the graduate schemes and get real, useful advice.

Ellen Leahy / Big Data Analyst for Apple
Wei Ann Heng

Day to day, I'm a full stack software engineer - the person that takes the architect's solution and builds it.

My team in particular focuses on building applications around emerging technologies like blockchain and quantum computing. All of my computing experience was from uni.

Wei Ann Heng / Software Analyst for Accenture

Your MPhys Physics with Theoretical Physics qualification from The University of Manchester will open up a whole world of opportunity.

In learning how to be a physicist you are a taught a set of highly valued skills:

  • Rigorous and robust evidence-based reasoning
  • How to analyse and assess data, and drawing meaning from it
  • High degree of numeracy and mathematical ability
  • Communication and team-working skills

This will prepare you for a broad range of careers, not just in physics but in other areas that need the in-demand skills you will learn.

The University of Manchester is one of the most targeted universities in the country by employers*. 90% of graduates from this course are in work or further studies 15 months after graduating**.

Plus, our award-winning careers services will support you on your journey to finding the right career path for you.

Our graduates often go on to do research in astrophysics or other branches of physics, including:

  • Scientist/Engineer for Tech Company
  • Finance/Banking/Management
  • Information Technology
  • Research scientist
  • Medical Physics
  • Scientific Publishing
  • Teaching
  • Science-related careers in the Civil Service

Below are just some of the employers that our graduates have gone on to work for:

  • BAE Systems
  • RAF
  • Meteorological Office
  • NHS
  • Bank of England
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Merril Lynch

You can read more about the experiences our students and graduates have had on the Department of Physics blog.

* The Graduate Market in 2021

** Graduate Outcomes Survey

Accrediting organisations

Institute of Physics.