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Year of entry: 2023

Course unit details:
Integrative Team Project 2

Course unit fact file
Unit code BMAN24650
Credit rating 20
Unit level Level 2
Teaching period(s) Full year
Available as a free choice unit? No


When an organisation introduces change through an IT project, that change needs to be effectively managed from a technical and a workforce perspective. A technical focus ensures that the change is developed, designed and delivered effectively. The discipline of project management provides the structures, processes and tools to support this. A workforce perspective ensures that the change is embraced, adopted and utilised by the employees who may have to approach their roles differently as a result of the project. This course unit introduces Change Management principles, models and practice. In particular it seeks to demonstrate how people and teams are impacted by organisational transition and how the process of change can be managed. Through the undertaking of a yearlong project, using Project Management principles, the course will integrate the learning outcomes from ITMB second year core course units into the delivery of an industry sponsored team project.


Unit title Unit code Requirement type Description
Business Analysis BMAN24630 Co-Requisite Compulsory
Digital Strategy BMAN24642 Co-Requisite Compulsory
User Experience Design BMAN24662 Co-Requisite Compulsory
Integrative Team Project 1 BMAN10690 Pre-Requisite Compulsory
The pre-requisites is BMAN10690. Core for BSc ITMB/ITMB with/without IE.

Co-requisite: All ITMB 2nd year Core Units


The aims of this unit are to apply knowledge and skills gained from requisite units to an organisational issue. In particular, students are expected to draw on knowledge and techniques from the second-year core units of the ITMB programme. 

The course unit aims to:

  • Enable students to work within a business IT team to deliver a systemic solution that meets the needs of business, people and technology. 
  • Demonstrate and practice project planning and management over a year-long project.
  • Put into practice learning from co-requisite course units.

Learning outcomes

•    To collect, analyse and interpret business data.
•    To apply, critically, tools and techniques to analyse a business situation.
•    To develop and justify recommendations based on appropriate research.
•    To work collectively to ensure the delivery of a business-focused output.
•    To communicate findings orally and in writing.


1.    Approaches to problem solving.
2.    Investigation techniques.
3.    Stakeholder Analysis.
4.    Decision making.
5.    Communicating solutions.
6.    Making a business financial case.
7.    Implementing business change.
8.    Change management.
9.    Strategies for managing change.
10.    Leadership styles in managing change.

Teaching and learning methods

Lectures, seminars and showcase

Employability skills

Analytical skills
In particular, students will develop their analytical, leadership, and team-building skills, and will cultivate business acumen and the ability to see opportunities within changing business environments which can add value. Students will be tasked to apply a range of capabilities in an integrative manner to deliver quality and value for all project stakeholders.
Importantly, students will develop their communication skill-set and the ability to communicate with confidence to share their knowledge and deliver insights to technical and managerial audiences.

Assessment methods

Individual reflective essay plan (1st semester)

Two team presentations (40% each)
Individual reflective essay (20%)

Feedback methods

  • Feedback for formative and assessed coursework will be feed-forward.
  • Feedback from employers following each showcase.
  • Informal advice and discussion during the lectures and seminars. 
  • Responses to student emails and questions from course coordinator including feedback provided to a group. 
  • Written and/or verbal comments on assessed or non-assessed coursework. 
  • Generic feedback posted on Blackboard regarding overall performance.

Recommended reading

Managing Change (6th Edition) by Bernard Burnes, 2014, Pearson Publishing

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Lectures 20
Seminars 22
Independent study hours
Independent study 158

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Arijit De Unit coordinator
Kam Ho Chan Unit coordinator

Additional notes

This course was devised in consultation with ITMB students, industry panel and the ITMB working group.

For Academic Year 2023/24

Updated: March 2023

Approved by: March UG Committee

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