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Year of entry: 2023

Course unit details:
ITMB Final Year Project

Course unit fact file
Unit code BMAN31260
Credit rating 40
Unit level Level 3
Teaching period(s) Full year
Available as a free choice unit? No


A series of lectures, seminars and individual meetings with seminar leaders to assist students with:
- Procedures and deadlines
- Designing and planning a project
- Literature Review
- Formulating a research question
- Qualitative and quantitative data collection
- Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
- Evaluating a project
- Writing a project report
- Presenting a project



BMAN31260 is available to ITMB only.


The aim of a final year project is to assess students as they demonstrate the application of academic knowledge and research skills to a real-world problem related to information technology management for businesses. The final year ITMB project will involve individual work and support will be provided in lecturers, individual meetings, and small group seminars.


Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  1. Structure the stages of a research project to analyse a problem and develop a solution;
  2. Develop and defend novel research questions regarding information systems;
  3. Conduct literature surveys and collect, manage, analyse and evaluate data related to information technology in a management setting;
  4. Understand the relationship between theoretical frameworks and research methodology;
  5. Understand when and how to use different methods for collecting and analysing primary and secondary data, and apply this in an individual research project;
  6. Understand the practical challenges of collecting and analysing data using different methods (including reflection on ethical issues involved);
  7. Use a referencing system (e.g. Harvard) with consistency and accuracy; and
  8. Communicate your project to others with a general grounding in IT and management through written reports, presentations, and/or practical demonstrations.


Teaching and learning methods

Lecture hours: 20
Student-led Seminars hours: 16
Individual meeting hours: 6 x 20 minutes (2 hours)

Private study: 362

Total study hours: 400 hours split between lectures, project workshops, self-study and preparation for classes, coursework and examinations.

Informal Contact Methods

1. Office Hours
2. Online Learning Activities (e.g. discussion board)

Assessment methods

Formative: In seminars from peers and project tutor, individual meetings with seminar leaders, and initial research proposal.

Summative: All of the following deliverables for this course unit are to be individually undertaken. The two summative assessments include.

  •  project report (80%) &
  •  20-minute presentation (20%)


Feedback methods

Formative feedback will be given to the students on their project work by their seminar leader. Summative feedback will be provided individually on the individual assessments.


Recommended reading

Robson, C., How to do a Research Project: A Guide for Undergraduate Students, Blackwell Publishing, 2007.

Saunders, M., et al., Research Methods for Business Students, 7 Edition, Pearson, 2015.

Study hours

Scheduled activity hours
Lectures 20
Practical classes & workshops 16
Project supervision 2
Independent study hours
Independent study 362

Teaching staff

Staff member Role
Tahir Abbas Syed Unit coordinator

Additional notes

Lecturers: Tahir abbas Syed, Duncan Shaw

Seminar leaders: Pedro Sampaio, Tahir Abbas Syed, Dawn Holmes

Pre-requisites: ITMB year 1 and 2.
Co-requisites: none
Dependent courses: none

Programme Restrictions: For ITMB students only.

For Academic Year 2023/24

Updated: March 2023

Approved by: March UG Committee

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