MEarthSci Earth and Planetary Sciences with Industrial Experience / Careers

Year of entry: 2023

Career opportunities

EES graduate shares her career experience.

I value my time at The University of Manchester.

Studying at a world-leading academic institution which also has strong ties to industry is a great way to start your career.

Rosanne Mckernan / MEarthSci graduate, Exploration Geoscientist at Shell

Study at one of the most targeted Universities in the UK for top graduate employers* and enrich your employability with a degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences.

We work closely together with employers to ensure that the training our undergraduates receive during their Earth and Planetary Sciences degree equips them for getting a great graduate job and excelling in it.

Our contacts in industry highlight the key skills they desire in our graduates. Key amongst these is an enthusiasm for learning. Your ability to handle large three dimensional data sets, analyse and solve problems and work closely with others as part of a team will provide you with opportunities to work in a range of fields. Typical professions our graduates go on to include:

  • Energy;
  • Public policy;
  • Environmental consultancy and earth resources;
  • Teaching.

And our graduates have secured roles with prestigious employers including:

  • Atkins;
  • KPMG;
  • RSK;
  • the Met Office;
  • United Utilities
  • the Environment Agency.

Year in Industry

With a year-long industrial placement under your belt, you'll be well placed to take the next step - either into the workplace or towards further learning.

Nurturing dynamic skill sets

Further key skills sought by graduate employers are flexible problem-solving using a variety of approaches, teamwork, communication skills, numeracy and computer programming. Our graduates are trained in these skills from day one of their degrees. 


With our support, Manchester undergraduates successfully apply each year for highly competitive summer internships across the globe. Prestigious destinations include the Juneau Icefield Research Programme: Mass Balance. Many students also gain prestigious industrial placements such as working in Group Manufacturing Sustainability at UniLever.

* (The Graduate Market in 2023, High Flier's research)