BA Liberal Arts / Careers

Year of entry: 2023

Career opportunities

A Liberal Arts degree equips you with an impressively wide subject knowledge as well as transferable skills that are valued by all kinds of employers. 

Employers look for those who can respond quickly and effectively to shifting needs and opportunities. Upon completing this degree course, graduates will be equipped with a raft of transferable skills, including:

  • the ability to work independently;
  • time management and planning skills;
  • an ability to work effectively in groups by delegating tasks and collaborating;
  • communications skills to relate to a range of audiences;
  • an ability to develop research that responds to real-world challenges by engaging with organisations and institutions.

All of these qualities are attractive to employers in a range of fields.

A Liberal Arts degree can lead to a career in areas such as politics, journalism, management, education, the charity sector, consultancy, and marketing.

It can also set you up for further study, particularly on interdisciplinary topics and courses, at postgraduate level.

The University has its own dedicated Careers Service that you would have full access to as a student and for two years after you graduate.

At Manchester you will have access to a number of opportunities to help boost your employability

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