BA Film Studies and Music / Careers

Year of entry: 2024

Career opportunities

Study with us and you'll learn to interpret and critically analyse different forms of screen media, create original work for audio-visual production, and demonstrate a high level of transferable skills - especially in interpersonal communication, group work, leadership, and creative problem solving.

You'll find our graduates in a broad range of occupations - a fact that underlines their considerable adaptability and aptitude for collaborative work, effective communication, and negotiation.

These include roles in the theatre, film, television and radio, journalism, teaching, and applied theatre.

Some of our most recent graduates are currently pursuing further study in Film Studies, Creative Writing, and Screenwriting. Our graduates have gone on to work in a variety of industries, including positions in:

  • applied theatre;
  • television and radio;
  • theatre;
  • film and broadcast;
  • journalism;
  • teaching at schools, colleges, and universities;
  • community arts and arts administration;
  • law and business management.

Our award-winning careers service provides a wealth of tools, advice, development opportunities, and industry links.

You'll have access to dedicated, subject-specific support throughout your studies and for up to two years after graduation.

Our undergraduate courses are also designed to provide an easy transition into postgraduate study, if desired. 

We offer a wide range of specialist master's courses within the University and even offer fast-tracked enrolment to high-achieving undergraduate students.

Our students can take part in our Stellify programme alongside their degrees, developing professional and leadership skills while contributing to their local and global communities through volunteering.

By studying Music at Manchester, your creativity and training will be nurtured in a friendly department with performance at its heart, at a research-intensive university with an award-winning Careers Service, and in a city with the creative industries at the heart of its vision for the 21st century.

Our graduates include some of the country's leading new performers, composers, conductors, music scholars and music teachers.

A degree in Music doesn't limit you to a career in music by any means.

Employers know that Music graduates are dedicated, creative, versatile, excellent team members, natural leaders, highly organised, self-motivated and equipped with exceptional powers of concentration.