Funding for mature students

Deciding to go to university is a huge step for any student, but is an even greater leap for adult learners with dependents and additional commitments outside their studies.

There are two main financial considerations for mature students when thinking about undergraduate study: tuition fees and day-to-day living costs. A number of different funding options are available to help you:

  • Government loans to pay your fees and to help with your living costs (repayable once you have graduated and are earning over a minimum amount)
  • Additional grants for particular categories of students – eg Childcare Grants, Parents' Learning Allowances, Adult Dependents' Grants and Disabled Students' Allowances (DSA)

You can apply for all the above loans and grants via the Student Finance Direct website.

If you are over the age of 25, or are married, or you have supported yourself for at least three years before the start of your programme of study, you will be regarded as an independent student and parental income will not be taken into account.

Additional University awards

We have put in place a multimillion-pound range of scholarships and bursaries to support students through their studies. These bursaries and scholarships are available in addition to the government grants and loans, and do not have to be repaid.

Find out more about our scholarships and bursaries

Council tax exemption

Full-time students are exempt from paying council tax, but a property will only be exempt if all residents are full-time students. If one or more of your household is not a full time student, then the total council tax bill for the property could become payable.