Receiving an offer    

We aim to make decisions as quickly as possible but, due to the high volume of applications we receive, there might be delays during busy times (October and January deadlines).  

Some Departments don't review applications until after the equal consideration deadline, and those with interviews may wait until all interviews are complete before making a decision.   

Once we decide, we update your application status on UCAS, so you can check it on there. 

If we’ve made you an offer, we’ll then send an email containing an offer letter, terms and conditions, tuition fees and information for international applicants, where applicable. 


If you’ve received an offer to study at Manchester, visit our offer-holders page.

This will contain all the information you need to decide if Manchester’s the perfect fit for you.  

Offer-holder information

Types of offers  

Our dedicated admissions staff are here to provide you with offers that meet your study needs.

We take pride in offering suitable options for each applicant, and we have the flexibility to adjust the level of offers accordingly.   

Remember that all offers are subject to our student terms and conditions.