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  • A small, specialist degree in a large university with a world of opportunities

  • A distinguished history: a Chair in Political Economy was founded at Manchester in 1854

  • Many famous names in economics have worked and studied here, including three Nobel laureates

Why study Economics at Manchester?

Our small, dedicated degree provides you with specialist training and knowledge. It has a strong quantitative (mathematics and economics) centre and covers core elements of micro and macroeconomics. You can specialise in economics, econometrics and mathematical economics or financial economics.

Many famous names in economics have worked and studied here, including three Nobel laureates: Sir John Hicks, whose interpretation of Keynes General Theory is still considered the dominant model and is taught at nearly all UK universities; Sir Arthur Lewis, a development economist who became the first black professor to receive a Nobel Prize outside the category of peace; and American economist Joseph Stiglitz, who chaired our Brooks World Poverty Institute.