Enquiries or concerns about students

Our University receives many enquiries about our students, and we take great care when assessing what information can and can't be divulged and discussed.

You may not think of yourself as a third party when you are contacting us with a concern about your son, daughter, relative, or friend, but, as adults, all of our students are entitled to be confident that their personal information is properly handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

What we cannot do 

Unless we have the person's specific consent to do so, we are unlikely to enter into a discussion about an individual student's: 

  • wellbeing;
  • whereabouts;
  • academic progress or results. 

Nor will we provide their address, telephone number, email, or any other contact information. 

What we can do

We can take your contact details so that we can make enquiries and return your call.

We are happy to provide general information about our services or facilities and our systems for providing support to our students. You may find the following information helpful:

If the person you are enquiring about is studying with us, we may pass on a message on your behalf, or we may ask them to contact you. We won't necessarily confirm to you whether or not they are studying with us.

Where an enquiry about a student causes us concern, we will pursue it until we are satisfied as to the wellbeing of said student. Should we determine that there is reason to be concerned about a student, we may then discuss that person's situation with third parties. Should our enquiries establish that there is no need for concern, we may tell you, but we will not give details.

We train our staff to be helpful but cautious, and to make the best interests of our students their priority. 

Contacting us

If you desire to speak to us about your relative or friend, we advise that you contact their academic School in the first instance. If you're not sure which is the right School, you can look up the subject they are studying.