School governors

As part of our widening participation and social responsibility strategy at Manchester, we are working to increase the number of University staff and alumni serving as governors in local schools. Schools and Chair of governors may advertise current vacancies with us.

Our School Governor Initiative (UMSGI) provides opportunities and support for staff across the University, as well as our alumni community, to become Local Authority or Community Governors.

The School Governor Initiative enables your schools and colleges to draw on the vast range of skills and experiences that our staff and alumni can bring to a Board of Governors.

How we got to 1,000 school governors

Back in 2012, it was recognised that one of the biggest challenges in schools was a shortage of suitably skilled volunteers on governing boards. Over the years, we’ve worked with current staff and graduate alumni to create a network of governors that are making a difference to schools across the country. Find out about how we reached 1,000 volunteers.

Advertise your school governor vacancy

To achieve our goals, we are working closely with two partner charity organisations:

Both organisations can help to match our skilled and enthusiastic staff and alumni with vacancies.

If you are a School Head or Chair of Governors looking to fill a current vacancy, you can do so by registering your vacancies with these organisations at the links above. 

Find out more

To discover the impact our staff and alumni are already having in schools, watch the following short video, which includes an interview with a local headteacher:

For further information, email