Help plug the gap in UK school governor vacancies

The University of Manchester and Public First have created a calculator for higher education institutions to see the potential impact of running a School Governor Initiative.

The below calculator uses data from our total numbers of staff and alumni, and our total number of new governors placed in schools so you can see what would happen at your institution if your own school governors programme placed new governors at the same rate as Manchester.

We know some institutions will want to do more; and others may not have the resources to run the programme at the same scale as us at this stage so we’ve calculated a range to give you an overall idea of what you could aim for.

The range is made up of three values: a lower target (pessimistic) for institutions who are just starting to think about this; a potential target (baseline) based on running a programme of the same scale and impact as Manchester; and an ambitious (optimistic) value which represents what we think all institutions – including ourselves – could aim for.

School governor impact calculator

Please enter numerical values in one or both of the fields.

Based on the figures you entered, we calculate a potential recruitment of 0 governors per year, an ambitious target of 0 governors per year and a lower target of 0 governors per year. This is based on the following:

Staff Alumni Total
0 0 0 Baseline
0 0 0 Optimistic
0 0 0 Pessimistic


The baseline estimate is The University of Manchester’s historic conversion rate based on data from 2011 to 2020, which is 0.29% for staff and 0.05% for alumni. As well as the rate above based on data from The University of Manchester, we included an “optimistic” (Manchester +50%) value and a “pessimistic” value (Manchester -50%) to reflect the potential variance in success for institutions implementing their own School Governor Initiative.