Applicants and offer-holders frequently asked questions

Last updated: 6 October 2020

We fully realise that this is a stressful time for new students travelling to and arriving at university. As such, we aim to provide as much current information as possible to help you make informed decisions.

The questions below represent only a small number of frequently asked questions that we have published to help our students. For a full list please see the link at the bottom of this page.

1. I have changed my mind about studying on campus in Semester 1. Can I now switch from on campus to remote learning for Semester 1?  

Yes, you can switch from on campus to remote learning for Semester 1 if your programme offers a remote learning option. Please contact your School for guidance on how to confirm this change.  If you are sponsored by your government, you will also need to consult with them before seeking any change.

NB: some clinical health programmes in Medicine and/or technical courses in Science and Engineering cannot offer an entirely remote Semester 1, because of professional accreditation requirements. Please contact your academic school for further advice and guidance.

2. In light of the raised infection rate in Manchester, can I delay my arrival to campus, start online then plan to arrive on campus later in the Autumn once the local infection rate eases?    

Yes, if (as above) your academic School is able to provide for this. Please contact your academic school for further advice and guidance.

3. Can I interrupt my studies for this academic term/year?

This is subject to approval from your academic School. Please contact your academic school for further advice and guidance.

4. I’m now reconsidering taking up my offer, can I defer my place to next year?

Please contact your School directly for guidance on deferring your place. There are a small number of courses which are unable to hold your place until next session

5. I would like to switch from on campus to remote learning for Semester 1. I am holding a place in University-managed accommodation, which I would now like to give up, can I do this?  

Please consult the guidance on the accommodation website.

6. Will I be placed in a flat where fellow students have been confirmed with COVID?  

We will not be placing newly arriving students into University of Manchester managed accommodation households with confirmed COVID cases, which may mean an adjustment to your initial allocated room. We ask for your patience as we seek to support all our students and their various circumstances.   

However, you should be aware that if any other members of your ‘household’ group in your shared accommodation subsequently shows symptoms or is confirmed as positive for COVID-19, you will need to observe UK requirements for self-isolation. This means you must stay in your flat for a temporary period of self-isolation (10–14 days) in order to decrease risk to you and all other students. For students in University halls of residence, we will provide additional support to help all of our students who are required to self-isolate in such circumstances. You can see details of this additional support on our self-isolation guidance page

7. There is a confirmed COVID case in my shared University of Manchester flat household. Can I be moved into different accommodation?  

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to immediately relocate you. In the case of any confirmed or suspected COVID cases within a shared household, it will be necessary for all residents of the same household to self-isolate for the required period of 10–14 days, in order to contain the risk of spreading infection

Further information

For further FAQs covering a wide range of questions relating to coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus: frequently asked questions page.