COVID-19 daily statistics

Daily reported cases for University of Manchester staff and students.

Our University’s priority is the safety of staff and students. To ensure we are being as transparent as possible, we are publishing a daily update showing new known confirmed cases among staff and students.

We have around 40,000 students and 12,500 staff.

Read an update (15 October 2020) providing context on the data.

Graph showing the data on positive tests reported to the University over the past two weeks with rolling average - this data is available in the table elsewhere on the page too.
Positive tests reported to the University over the past two weeks with rolling average

Please note that the rolling average is not displayed for the past three days. This is because it is calculated from data on the given date plus the data for the three days before and the three days after.

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October 2020

Week commencing Monday, 28 September (see September 2020 below for 28–30 September data)

Date StudentsStaff
1 Oct 216 3
2 Oct 238 3
3 Oct 140 1
4 Oct 77 1

Week commencing Monday, 5 October

5 Oct 223 1
6 Oct 105 7
7 Oct 47 2
8 Oct 61 3
9 Oct 41 2
10 Oct 19 1
11 Oct 12 2

Week commencing Monday, 12 October

DateStudents Staff
12 Oct 42 5
13 Oct 35 1
14 Oct 24 4
15 Oct 12 1
16 Oct 15 6
17 Oct 10 3
18 Oct 9 3

Week commencing Monday, 19 October

19 Oct 21 13
20 Oct 9 3
21 Oct 13 6
22 Oct 13 1
23 Oct 8 8
24 Oct 2 1
25 Oct 6 2

Week commencing Monday, 26 October

26 Oct 13 9
27 Oct 6 2
28 Oct 8 5

September 2020

Week commencing Monday, 21 September (data collection began Sunday, 27 September)

27 Sep 7 1

Week commencing Monday, 28 September

28 Sep 53 3
29 Sep 129 1
30 Sep 156 5

We wish all those colleagues and students who may be currently unwell a speedy recovery.

We have published information for students who are self-isolating. If you are self-isolating, we will do everything we can to support you.

The figure we are reporting is the number of new known positive cases among our staff and students, as of the preceding day. It includes those on and off campus and does not indicate where the virus might have been contracted.

This is not a Public Health England validated number and should be read in conjunction with the latest published information. The figure is obtained from those staff and students who have reported a case to the University using our agreed process and is published with a delay to ensure accuracy. All cases are reported daily to Public Health England to ensure action is coordinated efficiently.

Safety measures and reporting a case

We have put in place significant safety measures, in line with the latest advice from Public Health England, our own public health academic experts, and our colleagues in Estates and Safety Services.

Reporting a case is a major part of this set of measures and students and staff are doing the right thing by getting tested if they have symptoms, and letting the University know. Everyone will be supported by the University while they are recovering.

Our campus remains as safe a place as possible to work and study, in line with government guidance. We are actively monitoring the situation and will let you know if things change.

Please continue to follow the rules on campus and where you live. We strongly recommend that you download the NHS COVID-19 app and help us maintain safety of all of our people.

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