Undergraduate applications

We’re adjusting our COVID-19 guidance in line with the latest government recommendations and updated information will be published as soon as possible.

Last updated: Thursday, 24 February 2022

For the latest advice, please use the UK government’s coronavirus information.

We understand that the current situation is unsettling and as a result, you may have concerns about your future studies. We're doing all we can to ensure that changes in the application process for 2022 entry won't affect your opportunity to attend Manchester. 

You can also look at our offer-holder page for help with tracking your offer, applying for accommodation and finding out more about the support available at Manchester. 

Do I need to send you mitigating circumstances regarding the coronavirus outbreak?

We expect schools, exam boards and government policy to take into account the significant disruption to education when awarding grades in 2022. We're aware that due to the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus outbreak that all applicants to the University will have faced some disruption this year and we don't require applicants to submit individual mitigating circumstances.

 I have received my autumn exam results. What do I need to do?

We understand that students who chose to sit their exams in the autumn series have received their results. If you are now considering applying to The University of Manchester, please check our list of undergraduate courses and their entry requirements.

Information for current applicants

Universities will not be receiving these grades from exam boards until February 2022 and so we can’t process a decision on your application just yet. You don’t need to do anything for us to receive these results, they will be sent across automatically as soon as they are available and we will then process a decision as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accept copies of statements of results from your school or college as these are not official documents.

If you got the required grades

If your results meet your offer and you have no additional conditions then your place is assured – congratulations! There is no need to get in touch, we will process your acceptance as soon as we receive the official results in February.

If your grades are lower than expected

Even if your results are slightly below your offer, you may still be accepted on your original choice or offered an alternative course.  We will process a decision as soon as possible once we have received the official results in February but in some circumstances, we may need to wait until we have received all applicants’ exam results in the summer before a decision is made.

We will be in touch with applicants in the New Year as soon as we have received the results, so there is no need to contact us at this time.  However, if you do need to contact us you can email the relevant academic School or Department, making sure you include the following details:

  • Your UCAS personal ID
  • Your name and contact telephone number
  • Your UCAS course code
  • In the subject line state: Autumn Exam Series Results

We will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Please note that the University will be closed for Christmas from Wednesday, 22 December until Tuesday, 4 January.  We will also publish further details around when we expect to receive results on our Applicant FAQ page as soon as this date has been confirmed.

What happens if I failed to secure a place in 2021 and wish to sit exams in a future exam series, such as summer 2022?

Some students who did not secure a place based on their teacher-assessed grades may wish to sit examinations at a later date.

In these circumstances, you would be required to reapply in the 2022 cycle by the equal consideration deadline and would be guaranteed to receive an offer providing you held a conditional firm or insurance offer holder with us for 2021 (please see an exemption and specific guidance for Medicine and Dentistry applicants below). This would only apply to the specific course for which an offer was held in the 2021 cycle, for example if you were holding an offer for English Literature, your guarantee would only apply for English Literature this year.

The guarantee would result in an offer at the 2022 entry requirements, though Schools may honour 2021 conditions at their discretion. You won't be required to attend another interview or resit any aptitude tests, such as UCAT, but some students may have to satisfy non-academic conditions, such as a DBS check or a health screening. The results obtained from the future sitting would be classed as your first attempt as opposed to a resit.

Medicine and Dentistry

If you were unhappy with your teacher-assessed grades from summer 2021, we strongly encourage you to sit exams in the relevant subjects as soon as possible. Applicants who held a conditional firm offer for 2021 entry are guaranteed to receive an offer for 2022 entry, provided you sit exams in the next available exam series, for example, Autumn Exam Series for England. A new UCAT or interview will not be required in these circumstances.

The Medicine and Dentistry deadline was 15 October and so your application must have been submitted by this date. Although we would guarantee a place for September 2022 and waive the requirement to sit the UCAT and interview, the offer would be conditional on achieving our A-level grade requirement as listed below.

  • For Medicine, applicants who sat the autumn 2021 exams will be required to achieve the standard requirements of AAA. Choosing to sit the summer 2022 exams would result in our resit grades of A*A*A being required.
  • For Dentistry, grades of A*AA will be required for both the autumn 2021 and summer 2022 exam periods.

We'll only permit applicants to sit one of these exam periods. If an applicant fails to meet the required standard in the autumn exam period, the application will be rejected and they will have to reapply for 2023 entry. Standard entry criteria, including UCAT and A-level resit grades would apply.

Due to the cap on student numbers, this guarantee would apply to applicants who held a conditional firm place only and not extend to those who held a conditional insurance offer. If you had accepted us as your insurance choice and chose to sit exams in autumn, you would be reassessed alongside the other 2022 cycle candidates and would be required to take a new UCAT exam.

What happens if I miss my grades?

If UCAS Track shows that you've been unsuccessful then we haven’t been able to offer you a place on your chosen course at Manchester. Our courses are very much in demand, which means that we haven’t been able to offer you a place.

If you're unhappy with your grades and choose to appeal, then you must let us know by then you must let us know by contacting the Admissions Team in the relevant School of Department. The School will decide, at their discretion, whether they're able to offer you a place as a result of your re-mark. 

Can I defer my offer to 2023 entry?

Undergraduate applicants wishing to discuss deferring entry to 2023 should email the Admissions Team within the relevant academic School or Department, making sure you include the following details:

  • Your UCAS personal ID
  • Your name
  • Your UCAS course code

Can I apply to the University without an English language test?

Yes, you can apply to the majority of courses at Manchester without an English language test. You may be considered for a conditional offer where you have English language (and/or academic qualification) conditions outstanding. English conditions would need to be met before you could be accepted on the course.

Which English language tests are accepted?

The University recognises a number of English language tests including TOEFL, Pearson PTE and IELTS. Information can be found on our English Language Requirement page.

The University offers 10-week, 6-week and 4-week pre-sessional courses which may be appropriate for some applicants. The length would depend on your current English language level and the level required for the degree programme you are applying to. Your Department will advise you on the length of course they'd like you to take where appropriate.

Further information can be found on the University Language Centre website.

Where can I find out more details about coming to Manchester?

If you have met the conditions of your offer, we are excited to welcome you to Manchester and are busy making plans for your arrival. To help you prepare, we have created a dedicated ‘Get Ready’ guide and webpage with all of the key information you need ahead of joining us.