Undergraduate applications

We know this is a very unsettling time for all our applicants. We're doing all we can to ensure that changes in the application process won't affect your opportunity to attend Manchester.

You can also look at our offer-holder page for help with tracking your offer, applying for accommodation and finding out more about the support available at Manchester. 

Are you still accepting applications for September 2021?

Yes, we're still accepting applications for some of our courses for September 2021 entry.

If you're interested in an undergraduate course, you should apply thorugh UCAS. Use our undergraduate course list for a full list of courses available and also check availability via the UCAS site. You can read our 'How to apply' guidelines to find out what you need for your application. Medicine and Dentistry closed after their deadline on 15 October 2020.

We're continuing to monitor the impact of COVID-19 closely and will update our FAQs with any changes  please check back here to make sure that there haven’t been any updates to our position before you apply.

When are the UCAS deadlines?

January deadline

The normal 15 January equal consideration deadline has been extended by UCAS to 29 January 2021. We'd advise applicants to apply by this deadline as some courses may close after this date. All applications received by 29 January will be assessed on an equal basis, regardless of the submission date.

Reply deadlines

If you've received decisions from all your institutions by 20 May, you must reply to any offers by 10 June 2021.

If you receive all your decisions from institutions after 20 May, you'll have until 14 July to reply to any offers.

We'll accept any decisions made up to these deadlines and won't pressurise or incentivise you to make decisions any earlier. You might find UCAS’s guidance on making the right decision useful.

University decision deadlines

Applications are processed as quickly as possible once they're received, although due to the volume, you may not receive a decision straight away which is nothing to worry about.

In line with UCAS deadlines, if you submitted an application by the equal consideration deadline (29 January) you'll receive a decision by 20 May.

Applications submitted between the 29 January and 30 June will receive a decision by 13 July 2021.

Deadline for meeting offer conditions

The deadline to meet conditions made in your offer is 31 August 2021 unless a different deadline has been communicated to you directly. We'll continue to review this date as further information on the results timelines becomes available.

Will the coronavirus outbreak affect the processing of my application to Manchester?

We're doing everything we can to limit any impact the coronavirus may have on current applications to study at Manchester.

Currently, our academic Schools and admissions teams are working hard to process all applications as normal and provide decisions as soon as possible. However, there may be a delay in decisions due to the present situation and admissions teams working remotely.

I took exams as part of the 2020 English autumn exam series, what do I need to know?

If you're now considering applying to The University of Manchester please check our full list of undergraduate courses and their entry requirements.

Information for current applicants

We automatically receive the autumn series results and will process a decision on your application as quickly as possible.

If you got the right grades

If your results meet your offer and you have no additional conditions then your place is assured  congratulations!  There is no need to get in touch, we'll process your acceptance as soon as possible.

If your grades are lower than expected

Even if your results are slightly below your offer, you may still be considered for your original choice or offered a place on an alternative course. We'll process a decision as soon as possible but in some circumstances we may need to wait until we've received all applicants’ exam results in the summer before a decision is made.

We'll be in touch as soon as we've reviewed your results so there is no need to contact us.  However, if you wish to discuss your application then please contact the Admissions Team within the relevant academic School or Department.

Am I required to pass the Science Practical elements of my A-level?

In recognition of the significant disruption to studies this year, applicants won't be required to obtain a ‘Pass’ in the practical element of any science A-levels for 2021 entry. This requirement is waived for all courses, including those sitting international A-levels. If your offer states that you must pass the practical element you may simply disregard this. All other offer conditions would need to be met as usual.

Is the University still running offer-holder visit or interview days?

We're carefully reviewing all of our events in light of COVID-19.

As we’re unable to host on-campus visits due to the government guidance, offer-holder visits and interview days will be taking place virtually. You'll also receive invitations directly from your programme admissions teams.

Please note, the format and availability of these events will vary depending on which course you’ve applied for.

What is the University doing to help applicants whose studies have been disrupted by COVID-19?

We understand that COVID-19 will have had an impact on students and how many may have missed potentially significant periods of teaching. We expect any periods of disruption or mitigating circumstances to be taken into consideration by schools and awarding bodies so that your grades are a true reflection of your ability.

Applicants who meet our contextual admissions criteria will be given additional consideration to help ensure they aren't further disadvantaged. Applicants may be eligible for an offer even if their predicted grades don't meet the standard entry requirements.

Find out more information about contextual offers and use our eligibility tool to see if this would apply to you.

Do I need to send you mitigating circumstances regarding the coronavirus outbreak?

We expect schools, exam boards and government policy to take into account the significant disruption to education in 2020 and 2021 when awarding grades in 2021. We're aware that due to the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus outbreak that all applicants to the University will have faced some disruption this year and we don't require applicants to submit individual mitigating circumstances.

My exams have been cancelled, how will this affect my offer to study at Manchester?

UK students 

We're currently awaiting further information from the Department for Education and Ofqual in England, and the relevant organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, regarding the awarding of qualifications in summer 2021. We welcome the commitment from the government to find appropriate alternative arrangements of assessing the ability and potential of students. Here at Manchester, grades issued by official awarding bodies will have equal status to qualifications taken in other years and so will be accepted as normal for 2021 entry.   

We continue to monitor the impact on other vocational, global and international qualifications.  

EU and International students  

We're aware that education systems around the world have been disrupted and we'll be as flexible as we can where applicants aren't able to meet the conditions of their offers in the way they expected, or at the time they expected. We ask applicants in this situation to discuss their application and personal situation with their admissions team within the relevant academic School or Department at the earliest opportunity. We continue to monitor the impact the pandemic is having on teaching and assessment on global and international qualifications. Grades issued by official awarding bodies will have equal status to qualifications taken in other years and so will be accepted as normal for 2021 entry. 

Will you automatically be confirming places for students whose predictions exceed the entry requirements for courses at Manchester?

No, we'll be confirming places based on the official awarded grades to be released by the relevant exam boards and will not be basing final decisions on predicted grades.

I received a contextual offer, my exams have been cancelled and I'm going to receive teacher assessed grades. Will the lower requirements still apply? (UK students only)

Yes, the conditions of your offer won't change. Therefore if you've been offered a place here at Manchester you're still only required to meet the lower entry requirements.

My teaching and assessment have been disrupted by the coronavirus, what should I do?

We're aware that education systems in the UK and around the world have been disrupted and we're monitoring the situation. We'll try and be as flexible as we can where applicants aren't able to meet the conditions of their offers in the way they expected, or at the time they expected.

At this stage, you don't need to let us know of any closures that affect you. We'll be in touch if this changes and will keep this page updated as well.

What happens if I miss my grades?

We know how anxious you must be feeling and want to reassure you that when we receive your results we'll carefully consider all the information included in your application and will also be taking contextual data  (for UK students) into account. If you narrowly miss the grades of your offer, we'll try our best to be as flexible as possible. If we're initially unable to accept you, we'll also try to identify suitable alternate courses and try to offer you a place on these where possible in the hope that we can still welcome you to Manchester.

If your application is unsuccessful then you may still be able to secure a place through clearing in August 2021.

What will happen for students who have registered as a private candidate?

We understand that private candidates will be worrying whether they'll be awarded grades this year, particularly those who wanted to re-sit GCSEs or A-levels last summer and weren't able to do so.

We're currently awaiting further information from the Department for Education and Ofqual in England, and the relevant organisations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and UCAS around arrangements for these students. For students in England, Ofqual have proposed a number of different options to help ensure that grades can be awarded and these are currently being considered as part of a wider consultation. We'd hope that similar arrangements are being considered elsewhere.

As soon as any approaches have been confirmed we'll update this information and so recommend that you review these pages periodically. We also advise any applicants planning to take exams as private candidates to keep in touch with their exam centre and also pay particular attention to other announcements including updates that UCAS may provide you with directly or via UCAS Track.

Can I defer my offer to 2022 entry?

While we appreciate that the situation with the coronavirus is changing quickly and some offer-holders may be considering deferring their offer, we'd ask you to hold off on making any final decisions until the situation becomes clearer over the coming weeks. This is so that your decision is an informed one.

Undergraduate applicants wishing to discuss deferring entry to 2022 should email the Admissions Team within the relevant academic School or Department.

Can I apply to the University without an English language test?

Yes, you can apply to the majority of courses at Manchester without an English language test. You may be considered for a conditional offer where you have English language (and/or academic qualification) conditions outstanding. English conditions would need to be met before you could be accepted on the course.

Which English language tests are accepted?

The University recognises a number of English language tests, including TOEFL, Pearson PTE and IELTS. Given the current disruption to accessibility of global English language testing centres due to the coronavirus pandemic, the University is currently reviewing additional and/or alternative forms of confirming prospective students’ levels of English.

We'll announce further information on this area in due course, and our applicants and offer-holders should check their email regularly, as further individual guidance from admissions teams will follow as soon as possible.

The University also offers 10-week, 6-week and 4-week pre-sessional courses which may be appropriate for some applicants. The length would depend on your current English language level, and the level required for the degree programme you are applying to. Your Department will advise you on the length of course they would like you to take where appropriate. Further information can be found on the University Language Centre website.