Double award celebrations for HCRI students

HCRI were pleased to grant the Outstanding iBSC Dissertation award to Julia Kiemble-Gabbay and the inaugural Citizenship Award to Olivia Harper.

The award recognises Julia’s achievement on completing her Intercalated BSc Global Health dissertation to an excellent standard.

Julia’s dissertation focussed on the mental health of refugee children, with a focus on the post-migratory resettlement period.

The dissertation comes at a crucial time, as Julia reported: "Global political, environmental and economic instability has meant that the number of displaced persons and refugees has continued to rise exponentially, with more than half of refugees being children and adolescents.

"I was interested in the concept of 'safe but not settled' which describes the continued mental health trauma refugees face whilst in their new host country due to a myriad of reasons.

"Discrimination and being either accompanied or unaccompanied (by the child or adolescent’s primary caregiver) were revealed as two major reasons. 

"The area of refugee mental health is vast and therefore, although narrowing the topic in order to formulate a more focused research question is necessary, I found this process difficult, especially as I wanted to ensure that my dissertation was relevant and contributed to such an important area of research.

"Furthermore, as I am dyslexic, I often find the process of writing challenging in itself however this degree and dissertation have proved to myself that I am capable of doing so.

"I was extremely shocked and proud when I received the award and pleased that the efforts of myself and my supervisor had paid off."

Julia was also the recipient of the Faculty of Humanities Dean’s Award for Achievement 2018-19.

The Dean’s List is awarded to the top 5% of graduating students every year, to recognise academic achievement substantially above the requirements of a first-class degree.

Moreover, Olivia reported she is extremely grateful for the Citizenship Award, which is 'the perfect end to a rewarding three years with HCRI’.

The award was constructed by HCRI to recognise and celebrate a graduating third-year undergraduate, who contributed to the life of their degree programme, the University and beyond.

Olivia won by popular vote as staff and students felt Olivia was committed to her studies, supportive of her peers and engaged in extra-curricular activities.

Olivia is due to graduate in December with a BSc in International Disaster Management and Humanitarian Response.

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