Student interns join MCI #STOPASIANHATE and BLM inspired research project

The Manchester China Institute is delighted to announce the recruitment of two new student interns through the Q-Step Program to join a study of how gendered stereotypes shape patterns of racial prejudice, discrimination, and aggression against Asian and Black men.

Elena KeefeUniversity of Manchester second-year politics students Elena Keefe and Ihesinachi Oyouwa Oko-Jaja were selected to join the study from a large pool of candidates. The multi-study, multi-method project was inspired by developments in #STOPASIANHATE and BLM in 2020-21. The newly-appointed Q-Step interns will use semi-automated quantitative content analysis this summer to explore US social media texts for the expected racial stereotypes about masculinity.

“I feel honoured and excited to be able to contribute to the [MCI] project on gendered stereotypes of Asian and Black men through the Q-step program,” Elene Keefe (pic right) of Manchester writes. “Racial inequality, specifically, is an issue I am passionate about… as stereotyping and racial prejudice are still all too prevalent in the UK and internationally.” 

Ihesinachi Oyouwa Oko-Jaja Ihesinachi Oyouwa Oko-Jaja (pic left), who is pursuing a joint politics-criminology degree, echoed Elena’s sentiments. “The BLM and #StopAsianHate movement have really highlighted the importance of approaching racial and gender discrimination in an intersectional, nuanced way, both in academia and wider society. To contribute to this goal on the Q-step internship is an amazing opportunity… I'm excited to work on this project and use our platform to investigate, understand and bring attention to gendered racial discrimination and violence that people have long-endured”.

“Our research team is thrilled to have two such passionate and talented new members join us,” MCI Director Peter Gries wrote. 

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