Expert develops kit to help students to study online during coronavirus crisis

In response to the challenges of teaching during the coronavirus pandemic, an expert from The University of Manchester has developed a new tool to help students to learn effectively online while their physical lectures and seminars are not taking place.

Dr Joanne Tippett, a Lecturer in the University’s School of Environment, Education and Development, is an advocate of engaging the senses in learning – particularly learning through active physical engagement. Her award-winning methods combine visual communication, the written and spoken word, and hands-on movement of ideas to create clusters and develop connections.

With universities now defaulting to online as the safest medium for much of their teaching during the pandemic, she believes something valuable may be forfeited in the learning process.

When questioning students about learning remotely, Dr Tippett found that it was easy for them to become distracted - students admitted they would be checking mobile phones and losing focus.

She has addressed this challenge by putting together a kit - that looks a little like a board game at first glance - which students can use in conjunction with their online lectures. It is very much physical, keeping hands and min