Important Library information about teaching resources for Semester 2 2022/23

What you need to do to get ready for Semester 2


Thank you for all your support in working with the Library to get your teaching resources and reading lists ready for Semester 1. We now need your help to ensure we have everything ready for your students for Semester 2. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • How to use Reading Lists Online to order new teaching materials
  • How to apply for an eTextbook for your students

Use Reading Lists Online to order new teaching materials

  • Reading Lists Online is the only way to order new teaching resources for the 2022/23 academic year
  • If a module has a reading list and is no longer running in 2022/23 or has changed semester or module code, please contact uml.readinglists@manchester.ac.uk
  • Review the importance tags on your new list to ensure they are correct and tag any new items according to our policy for the purchase of reading list books. This enables us to make sure we provide sufficient access to the resources on your list. Full instructions are available in our user guides.
  • If your reading lists are not currently in Reading Lists Online, you can add them to the system yourself following the instructions in our user guides.
  • Submit new lists and any edits to existing lists as early as possible to give the Library time to process your requests.
  • Once your list has been submitted, please monitor it for availability. Where we are unable to source electronic access for an essential or recommended item on your reading list, it will be marked “Complete no e-book available”.
  • To request digitisation of a book chapter or journal article please follow our user guide
  • If there is no link for Reading Lists Online in Blackboard you can add the link yourself following the instructions in our user guides. If a course has changed code, please email uml.readinglists@manchester.ac.uk with details of both codes and the Library will manually relink the list. 
  • Email uml.readinglists@manchester.ac.uk for help with reading list queries.  

Apply for an eTextbook for your students

  • The Library’s eTextbook Programme provides each student on a course unit with individual access to an interactive, electronic textbook where possible. A core textbook is defined as “A textbook which students are required to use extensively throughout the course” in the Library policy for the purchase of reading list books
  • For an item on your reading list to be considered for the eTextbook Programme, you should tag it as ‘core’ in Reading Lists Online and click submit changes to the Library by Friday, 16 December to enable the team to process these requests. If you submit your request after this deadline, it will still be registered and processed if possible.
  • Only one item should be tagged as core on your reading list. This should be the item you want to be provided as an eTextbook. Please do not tag the item more than once even if it appears on the list twice or as a different edition as the system will not recognise it as a request for an eTextbook.
  • If you have already been provided with a core eTextbook for 2021/22 and would like it to be considered again for 2022/23, please check that it is the only item tagged as core on the list.
  • If you have chosen to tag a ‘core’ text to be considered for our eTextbook Programme and we are unable to supply your core title as an etextbook, we will supply via a standard eBook platform linked from your reading list. If we are unable to supply electronically, you will be contacted to suggest an alternative title.
  • The Library will provide the latest edition of the text as a default, please contact the team if you require a different edition.
  • We only provide access to ‘Core’ texts on the eTextbook Programme via Reading Lists Online, it will be supplied on the Kortext platform via your Reading List in time for the start of teaching. Course instructors will receive a free electronic desk copy directly from Kortext. Please contact support@kortext.com if there are any additional teaching staff who require access. Instructors can also access a comprehensive analytics dashboard to track and encourage student engagement with their etextbook.
  • Email uml.etexts@manchester.ac.uk for help with eTextbook queries.