Our University offers scholarships to people in the process of seeking asylum or fleeing from war and persecution, to cover the full cost of an undergraduate or postgraduate-taught programme.

Article 26 Scholarships 

Five Article 26 Scholarships are offered each year.  

Humanitarian Scholarship 

20 fully funded scholarships are available for prospective students who are fleeing war and persecution. They are open to any international applicant who has been displaced because of armed conflict or is at serious risk of persecution or violence due to race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.  

There are up to ten places on offer for 2024 and successful applicants will have their fees, living expenses and visas covered. 

Find out more about the Humanitarian Scholarship.  

University of Sanctuary 

In our access and participation plan we have detailed how our University has recently become a University of Sanctuary as we commit to continuing our Article 26 Scholarships for sanctuary seekers and working with asylum seekers and refugee organisations to raise awareness of the support available to prospective students.

Our Article 26 Scholarships are advertised to students as part of our student financial support package. We have given access to our University library as a place for asylum seekers and refugees to study and use as a reference facility. When students are awarded the Article 26 scholarship we track their progress and continue to offer support and advice during their studies and in preparation for graduation.